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Gaza is the target of the Satanic Beast: Will It Be Annihilated?

Gaza Is The Target Of The Satanic Beast: Will It Be Annihilated? By: Judy Spady   WHAT ARE THE BASIC FACTS? There are no words…simply, no words for what is happening in Gaza right now. I know, I know, most Americans are listening to the mainstream media and believe that we should wholeheartedly stand behind Israel. They say this without any

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Blog Welcome

Welcome to the new “She Shall Crush” blog page! Ipsa conteret = She Shall Crush!!! The reason that it’s called this is because it goes back to one of the very basic teachings of the Holy Scriptures in Genesis. The original English Bible before all of the corrupted “versions” was the REAL Douay-Rheims Bible dating back to 1558. In Genesis,

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