Pope Switched?

There are many questions regarding the “election” of a PopeCardinal Siri, in 1958, after Pope Pius XXII died. Many Catholics (especially “Traditional Catholics”) today follow what is called, “The Siri Thesis” as they are trying to analyze the crisis in the Church. It is called a “Thesis” since it hasn’t been admitted by the Church…yet; however, that doesn’t mean that the evidence is lacking. There is a preponderance of evidence that should be considered in understanding what happened on that fateful day in 1958 when the White Smoke rose up from the stovepipe above the Sistine Chapel.

This website from one of our staff members (Jim Condit Jr.) is honestly the BEST source out there as it contains factual information that goes directly to the main sources (i.e., Siri himself, People who were at the 1958 Conclave, Attendees of the Vatican 2 “council” such as Malachi Martin, Catholic Doctrinal sources, etc.) – https://whitesmoke1958.com/

We also encourage our audience to listen to the following interviews with Judith Sharpe (of the “In the Spirit of Chartres” Committee, Inc.) – http://isoc.ws/interviews/#gary-giuffre

**NOTE: We have several amazing interviews with Jim Condit Jr. on this topic but they are too large to post on this website so CONTACT us to receive them!**


This information is compiled on the “Novus Ordo Watch” website:

We present the following items to help inform and educate and to make people ask questions about what truly happened after the death of Pope Pius XII:

Here are some of the things Cardinal Siri said in later years.

“Masonic infiltrations in the Church? I’m sure of it.” –Giuesepei Siri

When asked whether he had been elected Pope, Siri answered, “I am bound by the secret.  This secret is horrible.  I would have books to write about the different conclaves.  Very serious things have taken place.  But I can say nothing.”

siri picWhen offered to be taken to the America where people could help him, Siri said that would be impossible.  He could not go, because “they” could –– and would — kill him at any time.

The Mysterious Conclave of 1958
Was someone else elected before John XXIII?


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