Attack on USS Liberty

The propaganda machine of the mainstream media do everything they can to try and portray Israel as our biggest “ally” in the Middle East but nothing could be further from the truth. Would an “ally” attack one of our nation’s navy ships with the full intention of sinking it? Hardly. Please educate yourself on the facts of that fateful day in 1967.

Documentary that touches on what happened on that fateful day:

Here is a great new film about what happened as told by the surviving sailors:

We have spoken with one of the survivors, Ronald Kukal, on a fairly regular basis and he is always happy to tell his story of what happened. When asked if the attack was a cover-up by the White House and Congress, Ron answered,

“Yes. Matter of fact, if you were to talk with Phil Turney, he will tell you that he and several others of the LIBERTY crewmen were called into a room and told that if they ever talked about this, they would be imprisoned and fined a huge amount of money.”


There are many other proofs of it being a cover-up.

Ron was also asked if he considers the State of Israel to be an “ally” and he said,

“No, I think that they—I’m talking mainly about the leadership in Israel—are Zionists.”


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The MOST IMPORTANT quote from Ronald is when he described his belief of what happened that day.

“I believe on June 8, 1967, we looked Satan in the eye and lived to tell about it.”

Here is that interview with Chuck Baldwin:

Here is a link to order one of the books authored by Mr. Kukal:!/Remember-the-LIBERTY-Book-By-Phillip-F-Nelson-Ronald-G-Kukal-%E2%80%8EErnest-A-Gallo-%E2%80%8E-and-Phillip-F-Tourney/p/99206328/category=15986016

Here is a GREAT article about it and a link to a truthful book (we also have a link to the book under our “resources” tab):

Interview with the author is here with astounding information!

Another short interview with her:

The survivors are fed up with it!!

As it states in this article, In 2005, the USS Liberty Veterans Association submitted a report to the DoD asking for a formal investigation, unsatisfied by the Navy’s 1967 inquiry. The report, summarized by the survivors, in part said that their radios were jammed, preventing distress frequencies from reaching superiors; the Israeli aircraft attacking the Liberty were unmarked; and the planes deliberately strafed their life rafts, anticipating that the sailors would abandon ship.