What do the terms “anti-semitic” or “anti-semitism” mean? Who defines it? Is it real or propaganda? Where did it come from? Why can’t Americans criticize Israeli policies?

Listen to the former Israeli Minister, Shulamit Aloni, explain how they use the term, “anti-semitic” as a trick and a way to stop any criticism of Israel or of Zionism.

This same trick has been part of the plan all throughout Zionism, starting with Theodore Herzl, Father of Zionism, who said, “The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies.

Herzl also said, “The wealthy Jews rule the world; the fate of the governments lies in their hands. They start wars between countries, and when they wish, the governments make peace. When the wealthy Jews sing, the nations and their leaders dance along, and meanwhile the Jews get richer!” (Published by Herzl in a German newspaper)

Dr. Norman Finkelstein has written and spoken on the subject and written many books on the topic of the “New Anti-semitism” and he explains it very well in this discussion:

We believe what Norman Finkelstein says when he states:

“It’s neither new nor does it have anything to do with anti-semitism.”

Christ an “anti-semite?”

The Zionist Jews say that Jesus Christ was “anti-semitic.” In the words of Zionist writer Joseph Dunner, in his book “The Republic of Israel” Dunner says:

“For every sect believing in Christ, Jesus is the symbol of everything which is healthy and worthy of love. For the Jews he is from the 4th century onward the symbol of “Anti-semitism,’ of slander, of violence and of violent death.”
(Joseph Dunner: The Republic of Israel, Edition of October 1950, page 10.)

antisemitism • cause & effect • “The Jew shrieks in pain as he strikes you!”

Jewish belief and behavior cause “antisemitism.”

Anti-communists are “anti-semitic?”

They also use it for anyone who exposes the extreme evil of communism:

“Anti-Communism is Anti-Semitism.”
Jewish Voice, July – August 1941

They aren’t even Semites

The craziest part of these accusations of being “anti-semitic” outside of the fact that flies in the face of the God-given rights of humans to have free speech (as protected by the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution) is the fact that the Zionists are not even “semite” at all. The term “semite” means someone native to the region in the mideast and the overwhelming majority of Zionists came from Europe and/or Khazar. They are not semites, at all.

Author, J. Bruce Campbell describes it as:

The Jews use the term for two good reasons: First, it suggests that they are in fact Semitic, which serves to justify their invasion and occupation of Palestine, something that would be otherwise inexplicable for a non-Semite. The obvious question would be: Why do you insist on living there, where you have no roots?

The Israelis, no matter whence they came to Palestine (Russia, Poland, Lithuania, West Europe, America, etc), are ninety-five percent Russian Jews, whose ancestors never set foot in the Middle East and who were in fact converts to Judaism around 900 AD. The few Sephardic Jews in Israel have virtually no rights compared with the Ashkenazim. “Zionism” simply means that the descendants of those converts must emigrate to Palestine, seize control of it, rename it and “make the Law go forth from Zion.” The Law is Deuteronomy and the guide for the application of the Law is the Talmud.

TRUE anti-semitism is a concern because no race, religion, or creed should be discriminated against but the fraud used by the Israeli corrupt government is one that twists the meaning of it around for their own political gain. Here is an open letter describing how the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs is trying to use this fraudulent tactic to silence the European Parliament. It explains the reality of the situation well when it states:

Antisemitism and other forms of racism are an urgent danger and should be actively fought. But the recommendations of the ministry and its network of closely affiliated groups, such as NGO Monitor, are helping nobody in this important fight. To the contrary, the equation of legitimate criticism of Israeli policies with antisemitism is undermining the fight against real antisemitism.