What is Kaballah?

According to Texe Marrs (watch the video)
“It’s a system of sorcery, witchcraft, and magic.”
“Kaballah comes all the way back from Babylon.”
“A combination of mini occult disciplines.”
“It is a sex cult.”

“Freemasonry is based almost, solely, on the Kabballah (Jewish Magic).”

-Albert Pike

The Jews try to pawn their false beliefs of a female side of God onto Christians and Catholics but it’s blasphemy! As Pastor Steven Anderson points out in this video, “this is all part of the new age mysticism that Judaism combines the Kabbalah and these other aspects.”

This guy explains how Jews must graduate from the Torah to the Talmud, and then they might be ready to handle the Kabbalah and the spiritual mysticism of Judaism.