Protestant and Non-Denominational Takeover

Protestant and Non-denominational Churches in America have been infiltrated by a movement called the “Christian-Zionist Movement” and it has convinced over 70 million evangelicals to support this blasphemy of the Bible. People like John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and even Glen Beck, are paid talking heads whose job it is to sell the lie. Hagee has even, publicly, announced that “Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah” and that “the Jewish people did not reject Jesus as Messiah.” Hagee started the organization “Christians United for Israel (CUFI) which pushes political agendas and supports politicians instead of preaching the Gospels.

Many of these TV evangelist preachers tell people things like how Jesus was a “Jew” which is far from the truth. It doesn’t mean that Jesus was a “Jew” as in what we think of as Jews today. He was a Galilean not a Jew. In fact, the word “Jew” didn’t even exist at the time of Jesus…nor was the term “Israel” used to define the region.

The fraud of Christian-Zionism successfully infiltrated Protestant Churches when the Scofield Bible was released by Oxford University Press in 1908 even though it began with a mistranslation of the King James Bible. Dispensationalism has been in the U.S. since the 1800’s but, as Chuck Carlson points out, “Evangelical Dispensationalism had a limited following until after 1947, when Israel became a State and Oxford University Press wrote political Israel into the Bible as a fulfillment of prophesy. This helped to explode it into the world’s newest major religion” (emphasis added).

“Virtually, every major televangelist on Trinity Broadcasting Network or other media is a Christian-Zionist and buys into this ideology. It is a Billion dollar industry.”

“There is, virtually, nothing that Israel can do that the Christian-Zionists are not willing to support. In fact, they are more Zionist than the Zionists.” – Irving Wesley Hall

This video does a great job of explaining “dispensationalism” and who is behind the Christian-Zionist movement:

As mentioned in the video above, Christian-Zionism “is only an American Ideology.”

These fake jews described in Revelations 2:9/3:9 are using Americans and their money to try and expand their territory in the “Greater Israel Project” which would be from the Euphrates to the Nile. This expansion of theirs means more wars against the Arabs and stealing land from more people in the process.

Jesus Christ said, “Blessed are the peacemakers” and would NEVER advocate for war against others to steal their land. Chuck Carlson of “We Hold These Truths” reminds people of that with his vigils such as this one:

Praying for War

All Christians who run into this stuff should be asking one VITAL question – “Do you believe that the modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy?” If they reply “yes” to that question then it is NOT FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST but is a false “christian-zionist” teaching.

Israel or Christ…it cannot be both!

Here is Hagee denying that Jesus Christ is the Messiah!!

Christian-Zionism is a satanic cult that leads many followers on the wrong path away from salvation. Eileen Fleming of Come and See: The Christian Website From Nazareth visited the mount of Beatitudes in Israel and said Christian-Zionism is the fastest growing cult in the USA.


  • Karl Leinfelder

    Most recently I have been reading with a great deal of interest as well as disdain about the so-called ruination of our beloved ecclesiastical organization by inside and outside forces. Most of the propaganda is is the style of the “grocery store tabloids). In general the information contained therein is poorly referenced or not reference at all; only statements without basis and photographs out of focus with no pertinent data whatsoever. Now you have joined that disparaging flock of schematics such as Novus Ordo Watch (N.O.W.), Most Holy Family Missionary, SSPX, etc. The damage that you are doing is a horrible crime against our institution and in total disharmony with the efforts of the Holy Spirit. Why do you feel the necessity for joining the likes of Calvin, Luther, Smith and many others whose intent was to decimate our sacred organization. I can assure you of one thing; you will not succeed in waging war with the Holy Spirit who will see the health and success of the Catholic Church to the very end of time.

    • Church Eclipse Staff

      While we understand that people have certain “opinions” on the subject and we welcome any/all concerns; your claims are not substantive and are nothing more than personal viewpoints on this topic. The information posted on this website always has references and points to the original sources as much as possible; therefore, your statement of “the information contained therein is poorly referenced or no reference at all” is just not true.

      If you have a specific concern about something posted on the website, then let’s address it and get to the bottom of it but generalized opinions are not a valid way of disputing factual information.

      In addition, we want to be clear that we are not trying to disparage the Catholic Faith. Our mission is to shed light on the truth of how the Church has been infiltrated by the Judeo-Masonic evil and that in order to stay true to the Faith one must stick to Tradition. Please refer to this page where it explains what a person can do to not be confused by the takeover –

      God Bless.

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    • Church Eclipse Staff

      Thanks for recognizing our website. We really appreciate working with others to expose the evil of the Christian-Zionist movement.
      Please let us know if you have any good suggestions for additions to our site.
      God Bless.

  • Louis

    Good website for help in spreading the word. God bless you for your efforts.

    • Church Eclipse Staff

      Thank you so very much for your kind comment. We, at Church Eclipse, honestly believe that we all must do our part to spread the word of God and of truth. God bless you, as well.

  • frank carrano

    Memes, blogs, videos,comments ( political correctness ) WON’T stop the “JEW” !!!!

    • Church Eclipse Staff

      You are right. It will take the power of God, through Jesus Christ, to “stop” the Talmudic satanic evil. In the meantime, while we all anxiously await the time when Christ comes again…we must still do our part of trying to wake our loved ones up to the evil in order to help save their soul. That is our part, as humans…don’t you agree?

  • Dan Cunningham

    Years as ago when I lived in rural Colorado and had “satellite” tv one winter Sunday afternoon I clicked on several Christian channels and saw how each one at the same time was discussing the Jewish roots of Jesus and Christianity. The brainwashing has been relentless. Currently live in suburban Minneapolis and been observing how gays and lesbians infiltrated a near by Methodist church and are now ripping the church and clueless parishioners out of the denomination while they successfully impose their gay agenda.

    Thanks for standing up to the psychological warfare.

    • Church Eclipse Staff

      Thank you for reaching out to us, Dan. TV has become so in-your-face with the lies of the Talmud, it’s disheartening to watch. It is full of nothing but fake christian-zionist false teachers and EWTN which is not the teachings of the traditional Catholic faith. Christians everywhere are falling for the complete blasphemy of the claim that “Jesus was a Jew” while forgetting to remember that He is GOD! Heartbreaking and tragic.

      The LGBT agenda is being pushed hard now, especially onto our children. It’s no coincidence that the world’s largest gay city is Tel-Aviv.

      Sadly, you are correct that the brainwashing has worked. Praise God that you have had the courage to learn the truth of their agenda. We hope that you will share our site with other people who need to seek that same truth as that is the sole purpose of this website. We thank you for your support and kind comments.

  • Michael McGee


    Thank you so much for bringing together such a wealth of information, that has often been hidden or hard to find, for Catholics and Protestants alike.

    My Brother-in-Law is a Baptist Minister, with a post-graduate degree in Theology, and will certainly find this site interesting.

    I have already discussed many of the themes that you have adressed here with my Sister and my Mom, who almost bought a Satanic Zionist Scofield “Bible” for her Bible study class at Church.

    I also have a very dear friend who is from a Christian family in the Holy Land, and is now living in the U.S.. She wholeheartedly supports the ideas that you have presented here.

    There is certainly something to be developped and coordinated with Christians in the Holy Land, who understand much better the evils of the Synagogue of Satan, than most American Christians do.

    Since my Nephew and his Wife were just recently Baptized in the Jordan River, during a Church trip to the Holy Land, I believe there is a necessity to organize regular trips to the Holy Land in coordination with our original Christian bretheren from the Middle East.

    I will certainly reach out to you again when I am back in the States visiting my Mom and Family, sometime this coming October.

    Thank you again for all of your hard and difficult work in defending the Christian faith agaist this evil Godless Zionist abomination.

    • Church Eclipse Staff

      Thank you so very much for your kind words about our work here. As you know, in the U.S. it is not easy to do this kind of work and they are always removing videos from the internet, etc. but we try to keep things updated here.

      I am the main author of the site but it is only done with by the work of many people who have fought this battle far longer than I. Once I realized that there are circles of Traditional Catholics who understand the judeo-masonic evil and that there are many trying to warn against Christian-Zionism and the evil Scofield “bible” in non-Catholic churches but they are not communicating…that’s when I launched the website. I sincerely hope that it helps to wake up Christians and I sure hope that your family will share it. If you ever think you see something that isn’t backed with factual information or that you think is wrong in any way, please let us know. We try to make sure that our information is verified and not opinionated.

      We also have a FB page and I wanted to ask if you would be okay with us posting your kind comment onto that page? We could either keep your name anonymous or list it whichever you prefer but it would help with our credibility.

      In regards to what you stated about Christians in the Holy Land, I would love to reach out to them to see how we could partner or work together to bring more awareness. I am very interested in trips over there for Christians that are not controlled by the IDF. Please let me know if you have any connections for us and we would be happy to post information onto our site if you know of great projects.

      Thanks again for the encouragement that you just gave and for your support of our website!
      Judy Spady

  • Michael McGee


    I almost forget to ask you an extremely important question for my Mom and her Bible Study class.

    Given the wide-spread distribution of the Satanic Zionist Scofield so-called “reference Bible”, what edition of the Christian Bible would you recommend for the faithful?

    Could you eventually make this available for sale on your web-site?

    • Church Eclipse Staff

      Hi Michael,
      That is an excellent question and we are honored to discover that you trust our opinion on this.

      Since the Holy Scriptures have a stern warning of not changing the book at all, we believe that the ONLY translation (not version) of the Scriptures that should be trusted is the “original” Douay-Rheims which you can purchase here and read the history of it:

      Since some protestants or other denominations may disagree with that being translated (not revised) by a Catholic Saint then we would suggest that the “original” 1611 KJV “revision” might work for those needs.

      All others have been revised in some fashion and the meaning twisted even if it’s only by changing one word but which changes the meaning.

      Hopefully that helps your Mom and please give her our best wishes. Godspeed

  • bobby

    Jesus was not even jewish. It has been lost in translation. He lived in judea so he would be jewish like how we live in america and are american. He was hebrew…they were not the same as the current people in israel.

    • Church Eclipse Staff

      Hi Bobby, thanks for your comment and for visiting our site. We sure hope that some of the information was helpful to you. Sorry for the delay in our reply but sometimes the messages get buried in the back-end and we miss them.

      You are, absolutely, correct in your description of how Jesus is not “A Jew” in the sense of the modern term. “A Jew” is a word that self-describes a religious group of people who rejected Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and who still do. You are also correct that the Khazarian/European people who live in the nation-state of Israel now are not the “Israelites” of the Holy Scriptures. We have most of what you have said covered on this page but please let us know if you have more information with some resources for us to add to the page. As you can see, youtube (i.e., jew-tube) keeps removing the videos on the pages so we need to start finding better resources for the information. Let us know if you can help, especially with this page –

      We pray for their conversion to the One, True Faith.

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