Wars for Christ?

Christian-Zionists yell for the “end times” and can’t wait for “Armageddon” to come. Government representatives, like Tom DeLay, say things like how they “live for it.” They are doing everything they can to push the world into WW3 because they *think* that they will bring on the second coming of Christ and that they will convert the Jews. Here is a Jew – Max Blumenthal – showing the insanity of this crazy belief!~!

Pre-emptive war and wars of aggression continue happening in the name of the Christian faith. Ron Paul explains why Evangelical Zionism is pro-war instead of following Christ’s direction of being the Prince of Peace.

Intended confusion has been used against Christians to confuse them about the term “Israel.” Since the days of Moses in the Old Testament, God has NOT ever told any civil government that they are somehow “chosen” or that they are God’s people. Listen to Pastor Chuck Baldwin as he explains this confusion and where he shows how the hatred and the warring, “in the name of God” is blasphemy to Our Lord:


The founder of We Hold These Truths (Chuck Carlson) explains how “Christian Zionism is confusing because it masquerades as faith” when, in reality, it is a political takeover of the land and eventually, the world.

Mr. Carlson says: “Christian-Zionists (by whatever name) are the Primary, public enablers of our serial wars, the sanctions against other States, the occasional occupation of Islamic States, and other acts of war against other countries.”


The reality of the occupation by Israeli forces, in the mideast, is hidden from the western world as the liars in the mainstream media cover it up. There is much to learn but what it boils down to is that Christians should be asking themselves if God would approve of the behavior described on this page.

“Blessed Are the Peacemakers” is what Jesus preached and anything contrary to that is only Empire Building for elite political groups such as the Neocon War Mongers and the Military Industrial Complex. Listen to Ron Paul explain the dangers of the Clash of Civilizations:

The “so-called” war between Israel and Gaza/West Bank is not what you think it is. It is not a 2-sided equal battle. The Palestinians have no weapons except their homemade rockets and any other items they have smuggled into the country in the underground tunnels. Here’s a short video about what’s really going on:

“There is a difference between Israel (The Nation) and Israel (The people) Remember “Israel” was and still is a man’s name! And GOD’s promise was given to a person;… for a people! One would have to be foolish to think that GOD’s covenant (“My Chosen”) was to an ever changing governing system, dealing with political agendas.” – Mr. Estep (comment on FB and we re-posted it with his permission)