Traitorous Governors

The Israel Lobby which includes the foreign agency called AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) has already infiltrated all 3 branches of the U.S. Federal Government and now is working on the takeover of many state governments where it can control the state’s funding, legislation, land grabs, and will, eventually, creep into local governments through their traitorous policies.

The way that this is infiltrating state governments is that the pushers of the idea are creating state “advisory boards” that act like “chambers of commerce” for Israel but are inside state governments and financed by taxpayer money of the citizens of that state. They are using Virginia as their starting point, as you will read below.

Another method of taking over state governments is through buying off Governors in their Zionist political agenda. Israel is dangling their usury carrot on the stick in front of these Governors and forcing them to make laws against the peaceful BDS movement in order to censor any criticism of the apartheid state of Israel.

28 States Against the 1st Amendment!

Here is the list of state Governors we know of so far who are being traitors to the U.S. Constitution and, in most cases, to their state Constitutions. **We will continue updating this page on a regular basis and we welcome any information that you have in each state.** South Dakota just became the 28th state and there are many others on the way with current legislation being discussed.

The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) a coalition of national organizations dedicated to protecting First Amendment rights, strongly opposes these laws, which conflict with First Amendment protection for freedom of expression and association.

Netanyahu is bragging about the DEATH of Free Speech for Americans!


In Virginia, there is an advisory board (“Virginia Israel Advisory Board” – VIAB), ran by Israel, that makes governing decisions for their state…and Virginia is the launching pad for how this will unfold in other states (more on that in a minute).

Here is a video of the book, “The Israel Lobby Enters State Government: Rise of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board.”

Here is a link where you can read the book online:

The video above mentions the “Virginia Coalition for Human Rights” grassroots organization who is confronting the VIAB and are lobbying against the illegal anti-BDS laws. In this video, Paul Norsi accurately states how,

“human rights abuses should not be rewarded, they should be punished. The best, peaceful, non-violent punishment option in the case of Israel-Palestine right now is boycotts, divestments, and sanctions. So BDS worked to peacefully end apartheid in South Africa and we believe it can work to end apartheid human rights abuses in Israel-Palestine…but we need to work on defending the rights of free speech in order to achieve that at the grassroots local level.” (emphasis ours)

According to the Virginia Coalition of Human Rights group,

If VIAB succeeds, the “state-Israel business promotion-entwine” model will be rolled out across the United States.”

The VIAB is also partnering with the tobacco commission to further their corruption through grants with strings. The article, “Partners in Corruption: The Virginia Israel Advisory Board and the Tobacco Commission” says,

THIS SUMMER Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission Executive Director Evan Feinman struck a corrupt deal with Virginia Israel Advisory Board (VIAB) Vice Chairman Charles Lessin. Virginians emerged with $210,000 less in funding for legitimate economic development initiatives, even as VIAB forges even bigger deals to benefit Israeli companies.

This video explains why the VCHR is taking on the VIAB and shows how this state infiltration from the Zionist state of Israel is using Virginia as the “beta” state to encourage their Zionist companies to be able to obtain crony, fascist partnerships with public entities. These are usually referred to as “Public, Private Partnerships.”


Gregg Abbot, Governor of Texas, received the “Friends of Zion” award during his recent visit to Jerusalem and signed in his state on the bandwagon of anti-BDS legislation on of Israel’s Independence Day. Here are several articles about it:

A children’s speech pathologist in Texas lost her job because she refused to sign a contract which stated that she was not allowed to support #BDS. This unconstitutional act against free speech has been blocked by a Federal Judge who issued a temporary injunction against it. Even though this tyrannical action is completely illegal, the Governor doesn’t care and responded with a tweet saying, “Texas stands with Israel. Period.”

This is the kind of behavior from these traitors that is happening all over the nation as they think they are above the law and they simply do not care.

According to the article on the “Electronic Intifada,” The Palestine Legal senior staff attorney, Liz Jackson said,

“Texas cannot suppress boycotts for Palestinian rights just because lawmakers don’t like the message that Palestinians deserve equality, neither can Congress, Arkansas, Kansas, Arizona, or any of the 27 states who have tried to restrict our right to boycott. Judge Pitman of the US District Court in Texas got it right: there is no First Amendment exception when it comes to Palestine.”

South Dakota

South Dakota’s traitorous Governor, Kristi Noem, just signed her state into this same illegal actions of these others for a foreign nation. Executive Order 2020-01 is “an executive order requiring contractors with the state to certify in writing that they have not and will not participate in boycotts of Israel.

Kristi Noem said, “Today, we reaffirm that South Dakota stands with Israel and will only contract with businesses who agree to fairly compete.”

HB-1206 is a bill introduced in January 2019 in South Dakota “that would blacklist and require the State Investment Council to divest their holdings from companies that “have economic prohibitions against Israel.


In Arizona, a new amendment is being considered which stifles free speech and silences any criticism of Israel and it’s apartheid actions. This article covers how SB-1143 is being exposed by the “Middle East Peace” President, Lara Friedman when she tweeted:

“Folks, they are going to make it a hate crime to meaningfully criticize/protest Israel,”

Unfortunately, earlier in January, a ban on Arizona’s anti-BDS law was lifted by a court of appeals.

Palestine Legal explains more details about this bill and reminds everyone that “These bills are the result of a campaign to suppress Palestine human rights activism in the U.S. Israel’s interest in restricting this activism should not override our constitutional right to advocate for change.”

One of the attorneys involved, accurately, described the bill in this manner:

“As the bill demonstrates, Arizona knows that its anti-boycott law violates the First Amendment,”

The corrupt AZ govt knows that this action violates the First Amendment and instead of trying to defend their side in the Ninth Cirucuit court case which blocked it, they just tweaked the language a little bit in an amendment and continued with the illegal bill. As this article explains, the legislators were “running scared” because they even know that it is illegal but they don’t care because their corrupt commitment to Israel who buys them off is their only concern.




In regards to any claims that our exposure of these “Traitorous Governors” is “anti-semitism” we already know about the trick that Israel uses to stifle dissension about their apartheid policies.

**Please check back as we will continue posting information about each of the 28 states.**

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