Are they Khazars?

Are the modern-day “Jews” the ones from the Bible or did they come from Khazar?

The term “Israel” is even problematic. 70% to 90% of today’s “Israelis” are actually descended from white Russians of the ancient land of Khazaria — whose ancestors converted to Talmudic Judaism (as opposed to Old Testament Judaism) in about the 8th century. — So today’s “Jews”, as a whole, are neither Hebrews, nor have they ever followed the Old Testament as their primary religious book.

Before documenting these things, if you look at Benjamin Netanyahu, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Norman Lear, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, etc. — these men are clearly white men, not semites, as are the Lebanese people, Osama bin laden, Arabs, and the people we see being slaughtered by Netanyahu in Palestine right now. You may remember long time reporter Helen Thomas (Lebanese) saying right before she retired a few years ago that the Jewish people should go back to their homeland. When asked what she meant, she said, “Poland, Russia, and eastern Europe, that’s where they came from.” She was referring to the fact that almost all Jews running “Israel” and holding positions of power in the world are Khazars, not Hebrews.

This reality of the “Khazars” is explained and exposed in the Jewish Scholar Arthur Koestler’s New York Times best selling book, “The Thirteenth Tribe” (circa 1973), and in the works of Ben Freedman (formerly Friedman), such as “Facts are Facts” which is probably found free online. This is also exposed in Rev. Ted Pike’s “The Other Israel” video, which is still on Google video, I think, and Pike quotes the Jewish encyclopedias as saying this. You google “Khazaria” and find maps from a few centuries ago where Khazaria is a country roughly in the place where “Georgia, Russia” now is located.

All dominant Jewish sources say the Talmud is their main book, not the Old Testament. The Talmud says that only Jews are fully human, that Jesus deserved to be crucified and dies five deaths every day in Hell, one of them in boiling excrement (and it gets worse from there), that Mary was a prostitute who had relations with a Roman soldier named Pandira to conceive Jesus, that it is OK for Jews to cheat or kill Christians if they can get away with it, that is a capital crime for a Jew to admit to Christians what’s in the Talmud, and there are more shocking things.

These claims about the Talmud are so sensational that it’s necessary to cite Jewish scholars who bring out these truths. Israel Shahak, who died in his 80s a few years ago, wrote the book: “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years.” In that book, he explains these parts of the Talmud, and urges that most of these parts be dropped as simply untenable, and now known to the world via information sources such as the Internet.

Before him were the brothers Lehmann who are converted to Christianity, and are covered in Fr. Denis Fahey’s book, “The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World”, published in 1935. And there are other Jewish individuals who have explained these things in public.

History of books on this subject: the Talmud was banned by the Catholic Church in the middle ages due to these parts of the Talmud; “The Talmud Unmasked” by Fr. Pranaitis, circa 1900; “The Plot Against Christianity” by Elizabeth Dilling, circa 1964, free on line; “Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma” the book companion to the video, “The Other Israel”, by Ted Pike, circa 1985; “Judiasm Discovered” by Michael A. Hoffman II, and other related books on this subject at

-Information from Jim Condit Jr.