Jesus Wasn’t a JEW

This is a common misunderstanding that has been spread throughout the Vatican and Christian churches to confuse people into thinking that supporting the Christian-Zionist takeover is Biblical, when it is not. These ‘Messianic-Jews’ or ‘Christian-Zionists’ try to tell people how Jesus was a Jew but he was not! He is the Son of God and preached against their false teachings.

It is impossible for Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to be “a Jew” nor for the Apostles to be “Jews” because modern-day “Judaism” has absolutely nothing to do with the Hebrew “Christians” of the Old Testament.

Please listen to Michael Hoffman (author and expert on the Babylonian Talmud) explain the facts here and then pray and seek the truth for yourself:

Jesus didn’t even come from Judea, he was from Galilee:

Jesus Was Not a Jew, Either by Religion Or By Ancestry

The Christian-Zionists continue to indoctrinate people into thinking that “Yeshua” is the name of Jesus when it is not. “Yeshua” is the term they use in the Talmud to describe who they think Jesus was, which is not The Messiah.

The “Messianic Jews” or “Christian-Zionists” teach these falsehoods about “Yeshua.”
Here is a lady explaining the difference of their FAKE “Yeshua” versus Our Lord Jesus Christ:

Jesus came from Galilee; however, he is not a “Jew” in the same meaning as modern-day Israel and the Zionist political movement that controls the nation.

“Jesus Christ Was Not A Jew: Does this shock you? We certainly hope it does. For it is time that Christians woke up to the fact that they have been brainwashed by the Jews with the “big lie technique” to the falsehood that Christ was a Jew.”
Christ Was Not a Jew

“They are the descendants of Cain; No racial Jew is an Israelite. That’s right, we repeat, NO RACIAL JEW IS AN ISRAELITE. The Bible itself identifies the Jews as the seed of Cain thereby identifying Satan as their father. (John 8:44)”