Treasonous Exec Branch

The Trump administration has signed an Executive Order that violates American citizen’s inalienable right of free speech, protected by the First Amendment. This has upset many across the nation, including American Jews whom it claims to protect. J-Street would have a “chilling effect on free speech” and according to Democracy Now, ” Other Jewish groups said Trump himself has fostered anti-Semitism and frequently repeated anti-Semitic tropes, and that this executive order is more about the administration’s support for Israel than to protect American Jews.”

This is a VERY DANGEROUS move by the Whitehouse because it strips Americans of their rights for Israel’s gain and it also harms Israeli citizens. How? Because according to an article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts of Global Research, the Israeli media is now coming out saying how they are ready to annex the rest of Palestine and evict the rest of the Palestinians from their home land but before they do so, they must reassure themselves that the BDS movement isn’t able to pick up any steam in America against them. They can’t risk anything possibly damaging their usury fraud over the world which has made them rich and powerful.

The Israel Lobby has already tried to abolish our right of free speech several times by pushing their treasonous acts through Congress but, luckily, all of them (i.e., the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act,” the 2017 “Israel Anti-Boycott Act,” the 2017 “Combating BDS Act” and the 2019 “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act“) have failed so far. The problem is that Congress has made themselves irrelevant by not doing their job of holding the power of the purse strings, not representing the people, and not abiding by the rule of law so now, the Israeli’s have decided to use the Executive Branch to push their tyranny.

As Roberts points out,

The issue is why should Israel be the only country among the approximately 200 on earth whose policies cannot be criticized? Why should Israel be the only country that cannot be sanctioned and boycotted? Why should this special protection be given to Israel at the expense of the US Constitution.

When will Americans wake up to see how their rights are being stolen from them just to support the Zionist nation-state of Israel because their Talmud tells them to be all powerful and to rule over all others?

Roberts ends by pointing out the obvious of:

It would seem that this is a far more serious offense by Trump against the US Constitution than the allegations behind the impeachment inquiry.

The British government is also on board with pushing anti-BDS Legislation.