John Kerry Pins Israel’s Netanyahu to the Mat on International TV

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Dec. 28, 2016

By Jim Condit Jr.
It’s hard for me to find that I’m on John Kerry’s side on ANYTHING.

But I tuned in at about 11:45 AM EST on 12-28-16 to witness US Secretary of State John Kerry pinning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the proverbial wrestling mat on international TV.

It was like going through a portal into the twilight zone.

There is nowhere for Netanyahu and his murderous Likud crowd to go after Kerry’s vehement, impassioned, and even sometimes eloquent, explication of the current Israeli-Palestinian situation.

My conclusion is that Kerry’s address was the end result of years of pent-up frustration, and righteous anger, from being figuratively car-jacked around at gun point by the bully, master-liar, and genocidal sociopath Netanyahu. Kerry and Obama must be FED UP with Netanyahu’s disgusting, arrogant, and condescending attitude.

One new to this subject may ask: How can Netanyahu bully the United States?  See the end of this article for the answer, especially if you have been confined to getting information about the Mideast from the Big Mainstream Media.

I haven’t seen the entire Kerry speech yet myself, but below you will find some critical highlights.

Kerry is renewing the call for a two state solution that will be acceptable to Israel and Palestine. (Of course, nothing will be acceptable to Netanyahu, as “Greater Israel“ includes part of Iraq, Iran and Egypt. “Greater Israel” is construct from the Old Testament that was fulfilled around 2000+ years before Christ, and is not relevant today, even for those who are believing Christians. See here and further down in this article.)

In our opinion, the 9-11 False Flag terror attacks in 2001 were designed primarily, as regards foreign policy, to trick the United States into the Mideast to “fight Muslim terrorists” when the primary purpose was to enable the worldwide, organized Jewish Shadow government to direct the US military in toppling one Arab and/or Muslim government after another to eventually make way for the expanded borders of “Greater Israel.” Iraq and Libya are down. Syria and Iran are next on the list, if Netanyahu gets his way.

Kerry condemned the “settlements”, which basically means Israel bull-dozing Palestinian homes and replacing them with Illegal Israeli housing enclaves against International law.

The 23-year old American, Rachel Corey, was bulldozed down and killed by a still unknown Israeli Soldier while trying to block the demolition of a Palestinian Doctor’s home. With Jim Traficant in jail circa 2003, no Congressman spoke out for Rachel Corey in any way, and, of course, the Jewish-controlled 5 Big TV Networks covered it up from the American people. The terrorist state of Israel murdered one of our best and brightest, a human-rights activist since at least the 5th grade, with impunity and continues their extrajudicial killings unabated to this day.

Kerry pointed out that US policy has been AGAINST the so-called settlements since as far back as the 1980s when Reagan condemned them. President Bush the Elder and James Baker spoke out against the settlements in 1991, shortly after Israel had been given another big load of money after promising to halt the settlements – of course, ignoring their pledge once they got the money.

Tucker Carlson pointed out last week on his new show on Fox cable that US official policy has long been AGAINST any further settlements by Israel.

Former President Jimmy Carter wrote a book on the subject: “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”. Here he is on MSNBC’s “Hardball” discussing the actual cause of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

In light of the fact that all these Israeli settlements are against official US foreign policy, one might ask, why do we keep giving Israel at least $3 billion a year, and in the last few months a $38 billion aid package to stretch over ten years? The answer is at the end of this article: the US leaders are almost owned by Netanyahu and Israel, and the organized Jewish Nexis of power behind them. This is what makes Kerry’s speech so remarkable. One CNN commentator called it the most significant foreign policy address in decades.

By the way, Kerry pointed out that Israel gets more than half of the foreign aid doled out by the USA every year. (!!!) The $38 billion package over the next ten years, passed by Congress, and signed by Obama, is the largest single foreign aid package ever.

Next: Kerry called for CLEARLY DEFINED BORDERS between Israel and Palestine to be recorded at the UN and made part of International law! Ha! Ha! — I just learned two years ago that there have NEVER been defined borders for Israel at the United Nations or anywhere else. This is because Israel’s leaders want to have the total freedom to EXPAND Israel’s borders to so-called Greater Israel, as soon as they think they can get away with it. So this was really an important condition enunciated by Kerry today, and one that will be TOTALLY opposed by the Netanyahu/Likud Party, who are determined to make sure every peace plan fails. Repeat: the reason it is so “hard” to get a peace agreement in the Middle East, is because Israel is determined NOT to cooperate with any realistic plan, and INSISTS on constantly building MORE settlements, i.e., stealing more Palestinian land.

Kerry covered the the history of Zionism starting with Theodore Herzl in 1897, a history probably totally unknown to most Americans.

He did not mention the hot topic of the “Nazi-Zionist’ connection, which consists of hard to find information that Kerry may not even know about. On go to “Hidden History” and then the “Nazi-Zionist” connection. There you will find our 3 hour youtube video where Christopher Jon Bjerknes interviews this writer (Jim Condit Jr.) on how the International Banksters (Rothschilds et al) funded Hitler and the Nazis to first incentivize, and then later round up everyday Jews in Europe to get them down to Palestine.

“Israel” burst upon the world in 1948, three years after Hitler had effectively done his job and subsequently disappeared off the world stage. There is also a 2 hours and 22 minute video called “The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler” in this same section on The youtube version of the above mentioned 3 hour Bjerknes-Condit interview has been officially banned by 11 countries in Europe, this writers’ greatest achievement. (Ha! Ha!)

The man in the Netherlands who uploaded that youtube video explains what happened in that same section, and you can also read some of the contents of people around the globe who watched/listened to that interview. So the Holocaust was a murderous device by top Jewish Banksters to “justify” the “necessity” of the Jews having their own homeland (modern day Israel). This was another version of kids killing their parents and throwing themselves on the mercy of the court because they were now orphans. In this case, it was the masterminding of what really happened in the World War II Holocaust (as opposed to the ludicrously false Hollywood version) by top Jewish Banksters.

The plan was to kill a lot of their “lesser Jewish brethren” through the primarily Jewish-led Nazis, and then blame what happened afterwards on the Germanic and Polish peoples, and Christianity in general. Incredible (to the uninformed), but true. The everyday Germanic and Polish peoples had NOTHING to do with masterminding what has become known as the World War II Holocaust. Watch the two above-mentioned videos to get the whole story.

Kerry did today point out that Palestine was partitioned in 1948 by the United Nations — however unjustly and without any legal authority to do so whatsoever. It would be as if the UN gave half of Montana to Red China. The partitioning of Palestine was the first major act of the Jewish-Elite-conceived United Nations. While Israel points to this act as “international law”, they will say in the next breath they are not bound by the UN resolutions condemning their ongoing settlements. (Disgraceful buffoons on talk shows all day have been saying that opposing continued Israeli “settlements” has the “whiff of anti-Semitism.” There’s no time or space to unravel all the lies packed into that statement here.)

Kerry revealed to the peoples of the world that the USA recognized “Israel” SEVEN minutes after the invasion of Palestine began in May of 1948. I had always heard it was ten minutes! Stalin’s Russia/Soviet Union recognized Israel 8 hours later. Now THAT’s power. The Palestinians didn’t know what hit them. The first thing the Israeli invaders did was murder 200 men, women, and children in a village called Deir Yessin, and then went around in jeeps with loud speakers telling all the other Palestinians to abandon their homes and flee — or they would be killed also. Israel was born in lies and murder, and is maintained in lies and murder — the two traits that Jesus Christ identified as the fruits of those who did the work of the Devil in the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 8, around verse 44.

Whether you are a believer or not a believer, Christ’s rule of “By their fruits ye shall know them” is an excellent rule of thumb while journeying through life.

Kerry says Palestine must have a permanent capital in Jerusalem, as well as the Israelis.  Ha! Ha! Another condition the Netanyahu/Likud/Greater-Israel faction will never tolerate, and another reason why this faction must be replaced with Jews who will take a more reasonable approach to the future of the Mideast.

And Kerry said that all the Holy Sites of the major religions must remain open to everyone.

Kerry insists Palestine must have security even without an army. (One might say, “Huh”?)

Kerry pointed out that the Palestinian’s part of the land from the original partition in 1948 has shrunk from 48% in 1948 down to 22% today. He related that in his last conversation with Israeli leader, Shimon Peres, who recently died, Peres said that 78% of the land should be enough for Israel.

And Kerry revealed for the first time I’ve ever heard it mentioned, that Israel has worked hard to divide Palestinian land into little pod-like patches so that the Palestinians can never have a contiguous state.

“There will be no Palestinian State” said Ariel Sharon – Daniella Weiss, a founder of the Settler Movement with her map showing the plan they worked on together to break up Palestinian territory

Despite all the usual back-peddling at times, and the recurring insistence of how great a friend of Israel the US is — this speech is remarkable in that it is in total opposition to the concept of Netanyahu’s hoped-for “Greater Israel“. This is Obama’s and Kerry’s attempt to have a legacy as peacemakers in the Mideast, and not let Netanyahu’s treachery completely bring all their efforts over the last few years to naught.

What is Netanyahu going to say to all this? He doesn’t have much wiggle room, but he makes an attempt in his hollow speech released just after John Kerry’s speech was televised; see below.


Israeli-First, wig-wearing Jew John Bolton

Author Mark Glenn‘s book “No Beauty in the Beast” tags modern Israel as the Beast of the Apocalypse. In his view, the commentators on FOX are disgracefully worshiping the beast. CNN was, in fact, much more even-handed, and even MSNBC was better than FOX. FOX is allowed to get the confidence of the vast white middle class on many issues, – as long as they sing from the pro-Israel hymnal night and day.

The Israeli-First, wig-wearing Jew John Bolton stated last night that there should be NO SETTLEMENT IMPOSED on Israel and Palestine, that basically we have to let them settle things all by themselves. This is like arming a rapist with a dungeon and all the means to enslave and hold captive 15 year old girl-victims, and then saying that nobody should impose conditions on the parties involved, but that we must allow the rapist and his victims to be left ALONE to agree on “peace” conditions. Criminals like Bolton know this approach leaves the Israelis in total control of the Palestinian situation, and allows them to continue apace with their crimes and slow genocide.

What of the Palestinians who have been squeezed further and further into occupied islands and tiny open-aired prisons with only 22% of their original land? Bolton is despicable.


Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map


With billions in every type of the most sophisticated police and military equipment, Israel runs Palestine like a virtual concentration camp, controlling water, food, electrical power, movement within Palestine, while simultaneously killing any Palestinians they want with no consequences, and stealing Palestinian land as fast as they can.

To be fair and give credit where credit is due, John Kerry himself is 1/4 Jewish and this should be noted as he stands up for justice for the Palestinians today.


Let me be clear about my attitude: Today’s Jews, and what is called modern-day Israel, have NO THEOLOGICAL CLAIM whatsoever to Jerusalem or any of the land in Palestine. See Dr. Robert Sungenis‘ “Jews, Gentiles, and the End of the World” for a comprehensive treatment of this subject. (As stated above, “Greater Israel” refers to Old Testament boundaries that have long ago been fulfilled and are not relevant today). The Jews as a people, having rejected Christ the Messiah, were driven out of Jerusalem when the Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D., totally obliterating their genealogies (which were no longer needed since Christ had come) and leaving not one stone upon another, as Jesus Himself had prophesied.

Their attempts to conquer this land since before 1948 is of the devil, and that’s why — as even agnostics and atheists can clearly see — the “fruits” of their labors are lying and murder. There are segments of Jewish leaders, even today, who oppose and have always opposed the taking of what they view as “the promised land” by force against the Torah. These Jewish leaders believe that the Jews will eventually come into the “promised land”, but it will be brought about by Divine Providence without murder and bloodshed. (As a Christian, I disagree with this, of course, but their attitude is humane.

But we are still stuck with the fact that today’s “Israel” strong-armed their way into the Palestinian land, as many nations have done throughout history. For now, I am interested in seeing the Palestinians get out from under the constant shadow of persecution and murder, and that’s why I want to see them get their own country, even if it means some kind of recognition of modern-day Israel.

At the beginning of this article, I asked the question: How can Netanyahu bully the United States?

Answer: Netanyahu, like John Bolton, Senator Charles Schumer, and a cast of thousands, are part of the well-organized, almost visible Jewish Shadow Government. See former Congressman Paul Findley’s book, “They Dare to Speak Out” and his youtube video, “Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out Again“, about how AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) controls the US Congress with an iron fist.

The late, great former Congressman Jim Traficant confirms this is the six minute youtube video, “James Traficant – A Tribute.”

See also the book, “The Israel Lobby” by Professors Walt and Mearsheimer of Harvard and the University of Chicago. Also, see the columns over the years of Pat Buchanan (such as “Whose War” in 2004 online from the American Conservative) and columns by the late Joseph Sobran. See Mike Piper’s book, “The High Priests of War”, which may be online. On this website, see “Who Controls the Media” on how this organized Jewish Network owns all 5 Big TV Networks in the USA, and basically all other major media, including the massive iHeart media radio network — which they bought due to gaining control of issuing money in the USA through the FED and Goldman-Sachs, also covered on this website,

And the books and videos at are excellent on this subject, as well as the Ugly Truth blog by Mark Glenn (again, see also Glenn’s book, “There’s No Beauty in the Beast“).

Combine the above with their worldwide blackmail operation to compromise leaders of all nations by lust and drugs (see “The Franklins Coverup” book from the 1980s and Pizzagate today), their control of high-tech eavesdropping  systems to learn what those in position of influence are saying, their assassination squads centered around the Mossad (Israel’s CIA), etc. ALL THIS is how the Netanyahu/Likud/Greater-Israel faction bullies US leaders.

These men (such as Bolton and Schumer), no matter what country they have citizenship in, are Talmudic Jews FIRST, and everything else second. As far as the United States goes, they are only as “patriotic” in so far as they can use and parasite off of our country to enhance and aggrandize their would-be Jewish World Tyranny, as envisioned in the Talmud (their so-called “holy book”, more like a manual for organized crime against the rest of humanity in its key parts) and in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” (which THEY call a forgery, meaning there IS a real one somewhere).

There will be plenty of super-kvetching for the next few days. I can’t believe Kerry and Obama have had the guts to do this. This speech by Kerry will force Trump out into the open on his foreign policy in the Mideast, at least to some extent. . .